Professionalizing board work is our mission. We focus on the professional support of individual board members, boards as a whole and companies. Our clients appreciate our strong implementation expertise and tangible results.


Our clients are chairwomen/chairmen of supervisory boards and regular board members, chairwomen/chairmen of advisory boards and regular board members, board members with C-level positions in other companies, former C-level executives, investors with their portfolio companies etc.


In the following, please find a detailed overview of our service portfolio.


The preparation and wrap-up of supervisory board meetings as well as the preparation of briefings for our clients. This includes the analysis of reports and opinions, research on specific contents and background information, the critical reflection and compilation of smart questions, etc. In addition, drafting of minutes, meeting agendas and full-year board agendas are parts of this service component.


Onboarding is the familiarization with new company and industry content, e.g. when accepting a new mandate. This can range from visiting a production site or branch office to the individual preparation and review of industry contents and the joint analysis. If required, onboarding also contains corporate governance topics and the rights and obligations of supervisory board members. For companies, we also develop onboarding programs for new board members.


Financial analyses, plausibility checks of business cases and financial budgets, benchmarkings, analyst assessments etc.; everything that is important for the sound evaluation of the business situation and financial health of a company is included in this component. We also support in developing a financial reporting logic for a company’s board.


Good corporate governance is the foundation of professional board work. We give advice with regard to the rights and obligations of supervisory board members and provide formal assistance with minutes, meeting agendas and further formal documents.


Digitalization is currently making its way into the core business and DNA of many companies. There is currently hardly any other topic that is more relevant for board members. It offers unseen opportunities but also bears risks and thus requires the board members’ thorough attention. We offer insights and sparring for digital business models and strategies as well as with regard to the opportunities and risks of digitalization. Being experts in this field, we build a bridge between digitalization and board work.


This comprises the drafting of presentations and speeches, the preparation of panel discussions, storylining and company presentations, pitch decks, financial analyses, market research and more.


We support companies in designing and establishing structures for their boards and committees and give guidance for a professional operational board work within the company.


We ensure that our clients are up-to-date at all times – being their „ear to the market.“ This includes monitoring the press landscape, economic and political developments, industry trends and innovations. Another part of the portfolio is market analysis and research on current studies.


If required, we provide our clients with a personal back office for communication, the coordination of schedules and meetings or data filing and data backup.


Involving our IT partner, we support our clients with all IT-related questions, especially when it comes to data security when working with highly confidential documents and efficient working tools.

We offer the entire range of professional board services.